I am one who thinks “outside of the box”. By that I mean, I like “pairing“ conservative styles with unorthodox fashion. With my interest in travel and exploring different cultures, I was inspired to infuse some of the uniqueness into my own fashion. I thought it would be quite chic if I wore head wear that symbolizes creativity. With that notion, I begin experimenting with abstract painting on hats. When I posted photos of myself wearing the head wear on social media, to my surprise, people inquired about the head wear and where it came from.

My “out of the box” persona expanded to other attire. Then I came up with the idea that I could add different textures and prints of fabrics to traditionally-designed jackets and blazers. Each jacket is uniquely designed to give a more fashionable appeal and individuality.

Stay tuned...We’re exploring other options to make you more “Situated”.